Frequent Asked Questions

How Does the process work?

When you contact North American Spine, you will be assigned a dedicated Patient Care Manager to personally walk you through each step of the process and answer any questions. The first step is to have your MRI or CT scan reviewed by our medical team to determine the best treatment option and doctor for your case. Once a treatment plan is selected, we verify your insurance benefits and provide you with an estimated cost for the procedure. Then we move on to surgery clearance and scheduling your procedure. We’ll also be in touch post-op to make sure your recovery is going smoothly.

Where is North American Spine located?

Over 70% of our patients travel from outside their community to get the best spine care. We are located in several metro areas across North America and frequently add locations. For a current list of locations, please visit our Locations Page on our website.

If I travel for my procedure, how long will I have to stay in the area?

The length of stay for traveling patients ranges from three to 10 days and will be discussed with you prior to your procedure. It depends entirely on your health history, conditions, the procedure you have, and the recommendation of your doctor.

Does North American Spine accept my insurance?

We accept most private insurance plans and will verify your coverage on your behalf, so you don’t have to deal with calling your insurance company to ask for an estimated out of pocket cost. Unfortunately, we are unable to work with government-funded plans such as Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and Workers Comp. Please note that this includes any replacement or supplemental plans. If you have a government plan, you can call your insurance provider for a list of spine care providers who will work with your insurance, or ask your Primary Care Physician for a referral.

How much will my procedure cost?

This depends completely on the selected procedure, your insurance plan, deductible and out of pocket maximum. But not to fear—our team of insurance verification specialists will work with your insurance company on your behalf to provide you with a cost estimate prior to surgery. In addition, financing options are available through a third party lender called Prunto to help make your surgery cost more manageable.

Who will my doctor be?

Upon reviewing your MRI report or CT-scan, along with your symptoms and medical history, our medical team will determine which doctor best suits your needs. All of our partnered physicians are board-certified experts in their field, and they all specialize in minimally invasive techniques.

I've had back or neck surgery in the past. Can you still help me?

Most likely, yes. Many of our patients have had a previous spine surgery, and we can help with new spinal issues or revisions to previous surgeries. Our physicians are highly skilled and can take on complicated cases.

What makes North American Spine different?

North American Spine proudly partners with the finest minimally invasive spine specialists in the country, so we are able to provide our patients with the best, most technologically advanced, and least invasive spine care.

As a result, our patients experience:

• Smaller incisions, less damage to muscles and tendons
• Lower infection rates
• Quicker recovery
• Better surgical outcome and pain relief


In addition to excellent medical care, you will experience patient care service above and beyond the norm in healthcare. From the very beginning to post-operative support, you will receive continual guidance from your Patient Care Manager, who will walk you through every step of the process to pain relief.


If you have additional questions we are always available to help. Call us at 855.466.2305

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