Our number one goal at North American Spine is to select the best possible treatment plan to give you long-term relief, whether your symptoms are pain, numbness, weakness, or all three combined. With a medical team as advanced and experienced as ours, we are able to treat even the most difficult of cases. It all starts with a free MRI/CT scan review to see if we can help you.

You have nothing to lose by getting a free opinion on your spine care.

The Painless Path to Painlessness

1. Talk to your Patient Care Manager.

Your Patient Care Manager will begin by discussing your symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and medical history to fully understand your case. We will also answer any of your questions and help take any uncertainties out of the process.

2. Send your MRI or CT scan for a free review.

If you have had an MRI or CT scan of your problem area, please send it in. Our highly specialized medical staff will provide you with a second opinion—free of charge—to help determine the least invasive and most effective treatment plan for you.

3. Discuss Your MRI or CT scan results with your Patient Care Manager.

Once your report and images have been reviewed, your Patient Care Manager will discuss personalized treatment recommendations and next steps with you.

4. Review your insurance, cost, and financing options.

 As part of our full-service approach, our insurance specialists will check your insurance coverage for you. This means you won’t have the headache of dealing with your insurance company. Simply take a picture of your insurance card and send it to us. We will then provide a clear estimate of any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur. Note: most of our procedures are covered by private insurance plans, and we provide financing options should you need them.

5. Pre-Surgery Clearance.

Once you have decided to move forward with surgery, you will review your medical history with a clearance nurse and complete pre-clearance testing as needed. This process is to ensure you are healthy enough for anesthesia.

6. Schedule your procedure and make travel plans, if necessary.

About 70% of our patients travel to see us. Should that be you, rest easy and know that your Patient Care Manager will help prepare you for your trip. If you are an in-town patient, just get some rest and think about all the things you’ll be able to do when your pain is gone.

Pre-Op: You will complete pre-clearance testing (if not already complete) and a pre-op appointment. Meet your North American Spine doctor face-to-face and discuss any remaining questions. Following your pre-surgery clearance, you may undergo some diagnostic pain mapping to confirm your pain sources.

Procedure Day: You will undergo your pre-determined procedure. You will arrive at the surgical facility, where our staff will prepare you for surgery. You will most likely be placed under light general anesthesia and admitted to the procedure room. Most of our procedures are outpatient, though some may require a short hospital stay.

Post-Op: You will attend a post-op appointment and receive post-procedure care instructions. After the procedure, you will visit your North American Spine doctor for a post-op evaluation and instructions. Rest, relax, and enjoy your new freedom from pain. You’re on your way home!

7. Follow-up.

To ensure quality, and because we constantly strive to improve, we will contact you several times after your procedure to make sure all is well and you are back to enjoying a pain-free life! Of course, we’re always delighted when patients reach out to us, so don’t be a stranger.

“From the beginning, my Patient Care Manager took full control and managed my process completely. She always returned my calls within a few hours. She took care of making my doctor appointment initially and starting the insurance ball rolling. Everything was very smooth—I felt ‘pampered’. “

—Cheryl C.

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